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Porinju Veliyath (born on June 6, 1962) is a 61-year-old Indian investor and fund manager. He manages his own investment portfolio as well as the portfolios of investors at his fund management company, Equity Intelligence India Private Limited. He is referred to as the "Small-Cap Czar" by The Economic Times.

Early Life: Porinju was born into a middle-class family in the village of Triprayar Chalakudy, near Kochi, India. Career: Porinju Veliyath started his career in Mumbai in 1990 as an equity dealer at Kotak Securities. He later joined Parag Parikh Securities in 1994 as a research analyst and fund manager until he moved back to Kochi in 1999. In 2002, he founded Equity Intelligence, a fund management company focused on value investing in Indian stocks. He is also a director at Arya Vaidya Pharmacy, which collaborated with Hindustan Unilever Limited (HUL) to develop a range of Ayurvedic personal care products called "Lever Ayush."

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Over the years, the Indian stock market has experienced continuous growth, with many companies successfully generating lucrative returns for investors. With the Indian government's initiatives to promote foreign investment and simplify regulations, the stock market presents excellent opportunities for domestic and foreign investors. India has numerous exciting and rapidly growing companies with tremendous growth potential, investing in them can yield valuable returns. The Indian stock market is the fastest-growing market in the world, becoming a major investment destination for global investors and attracting a significant amount of overseas investment. This year, Mumbai's SENSEX is expected to have a growth of over 20%, and in the next 4 months, I will quickly guide each student to earn profits of more than 20 times!

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His success goes beyond trading; he earns a fixed rental income, owns a business with NSE Direct membership, and invests in value stocks.

He embodies the concept of financial freedom, with a luxurious lifestyle, the freedom to travel, and the flexibility to work on his own terms.

With his extensive experience and knowledge, Aditya Agarwal offers valuable guidance and mentorship to help others achieve their financial goals.

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About the Porinju Veliyath

Investment Philosophy:
Porinju Veliyath is known for his objective and cautious approach, aiming to provide investors with risk-controlled investment opportunities and long-term returns. He advocates for short-term investments based on value investing and principles of asset allocation, rather than blindly chasing profits. He encourages investors to conduct thorough research and understanding of the market and make wise decisions based on their risk tolerance and investment objectives. Expertise:
Porinju Veliyath possesses deep expertise in stock market research and analysis. He is familiar with various analytical tools and techniques and formulates investment strategies based on in-depth analysis of company financial statements, industry dynamics, and macroeconomic trends. His investment decisions are grounded in thorough data analysis and objective market judgment. Reason for Teaching:
As an analyst, Porinju Veliyath is passionate about sharing, charity, and investing. He dedicates time every day to share investment tips with his followers, aiming to help more people and build his reputation. His objective is to empower individuals with skills and knowledge, enabling them to achieve financial independence and long-term economic stability.

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